About Us

ROAD a is fashion brand designed for men with an adventurous spirit and discerning tastes.

ROAD is also an online retailer of its own brand as well as carefully selected products from other fashion brands that our buying team feels compliments, enhances and provides excellent value for our customers.

ROAD also owns and operates its flagship boutique located in Uptown Seattle.  If you have questions regarding the products represented on our website or require assistance with your web order, you can always contact our professional fashion consultants at our store:



ROAD's parent company, Shah Safari, Inc. was founded in Seattle in 1975 by two brothers - Raj & Akhil Shah.  They were 19 and 17 year-old college students who were both very interested in fashion.  They recognized a void in the market that could provide an opportunity for them to design clothes for their contemporaries and sell them to local retailers in Seattle. They started their fledgling business in the basement of their family home in North Seattle.  Fortunately, their initial products were well received by the retailers they targeted in Seattle and so did the buying public.  Within a few years, Shah Safari became a huge force in the young men's woven shirt category.  Raj and Akhil along with the late fashion visionary, Mike Alesko, founded their International News division in 1980.  International News gave rise to the pioneering urban sportswear brand, MECCA USA.  MECCA became a huge influencing force that was instrumental in defining the new urban sportswear phenomenon.  In 1982, International News founded a revolutionary new "lab" concept for a retail store:  ZEBRACLUB.  Zebraclub's first store opened in Seattle on the corner of 1st Avenue and Stewart just above the world famous Pike's Place Market where it still operates today. Retail executives from all over the U.S. and abroad traveled to Seattle to check out Zebraclub's new approach to retailing cutting edge fashion products to the young men and women.  Zebraclub now operates stores in Seattle, Vancouver, BC and Berlin, Germany.

Fast forward - Today, Shah Safari, Inc. and International News, Inc. are global enterprises with offices, showrooms and design studios in London, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Kenya.  

The Shah Brothers have always been grateful for the support and opportunities that helped shape and nurture their success.  Very early on in their careers, that embraced a charitable culture of giving back.  Over the years, they have and continue to lend their time and resources to various domestic and international charities and charitable foundations.


ROAD's design team is committed to creating fashion products that look great and feel luxurious to wear. They are constantly paying attention to the fit and finish of the products and pride themselves on attention to details.  All components of the garment are scrutinized carefully from fabric design and production,to stitching, buttons, piecing, and every other detail of the garment.

While ROAD was launched in 2005, its parent company enjoyed many years of success designing and producing quality denim products.  ROAD's denim offering is a result of this pedigree and we are very proud of it.  While not inexpensive, ROAD Denim truly represents one of the very best values in the denim world.  Again, "Fit & Finish" are the keywords that represent the foundation of ROAD's denim products.


Everyone associated with THE ROAD CREW would like to thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to serving you.  We'd like to extend a special "shout-out" and THANK YOU to our existing customers who continue to enjoy and purchase our products.  We couldn't continue to do what we love to do without you!