The comments below are from real ROAD customers who were inspired to share what our brand means to them. Enjoy!

“I just want to thank Road Apparel for allowing me to use their clothes for my music video. This video was dedicated to my wife for our one-year wedding anniversary so I needed quality apparel. The outfits selected for me were comfortable and stylish, which allowed me to create the swagger and versatility I needed to make the video special. I am very grateful for Road Apparel’s support and they have a faithful customer in me from now on.” - Seattle Seahawk RB Justin Forsett on September 28, 2011
“Your shirts are an important part of my wardrobe - I look to them for a great balance between something fresh, modern, fun and still "grown-up" and age appropriate.” - Raymond Peat on September 28, 2011
“That was completely different than any other shopping experience I have ever had. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I liked it. My wife was elated when I came home. She couldn’t believe I actually bought some clothes for myself. To top that off, we went out to a party and I received compliments on my new shirt from men. First time in my life that has happened! When asked, I divulge the name of the store but believe it or not I kind of wanted to keep it a secret.” - Terry Lien on September 17, 2011
“I wear ROAD because the clothes make me feel younger than I am, and because I don’t know of any other men’s boutique that offers such unique, high-quality clothing that is versatile enough to fit my lifestyle. ROAD understands that it’s not just about offering great products, but also sees the importance of giving back. This Madras fundraiser is a phenomenal way to get some great clothes and also help a community in need,” - Tom Hedges, President of the Washington based winery, Hedges Family Estate on February 2, 2011
“This is Joe Maddon writing...Tell the designers, I love the blazer....Honored indeed...C u next time in Seattle. Happy Holidays, Joe” - Joe Maddon, Major League Baseball manager for the Tampa Bay Rays on November 20, 2010
“Road Apparel appeals to me because I like the quality and style of the product. Too many other clothing companies make it more about the brand and their own image rather than the individual customer who wears their clothing. I’m a customer looking for something different. I want a brand that makes me look good without making it about the brand itself. I’m the brand, not the clothing I wear. I’m looking for something unique, something that doesn’t pigeon hole my look into one category of dress. I can wear Road Apparel and fit in just about anywhere and that’s important to me. The cars get plenty of attention and while I want to look good, I’m also looking for something that allows me to be who I am.” - Tom Nault, Exotic Car Enthusiast on August 31, 2010
“Just wanted to say how wonderful your line is, as well as the fantastic retail experience I have had. I'll be back!!!!! I plan on telling everyone about you all.” - Paul on July 28, 2010
“I did some Father's Day shopping at your Bellevue store and had an outstanding experience (and I am VERY picky). Your manager there made me feel welcome and did an excellent job of helping me make choices. I walked away very pleased with my purchases. As a 30 something it's hard to find a brand of casual wear that isn't too young or too old - ROAD fills that space nicely. My wife made the comment after we left that I didn't just find some clothes but found a store and brand that I can keep going back to!” - Rob Brewer on June 22, 2010
“I must compliment the folks at ROAD Apparel for their communication and follow up with customers. They effectively communicate with me and the offerings are timely and organized. They really know service.” - Sam McCleery, Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing at PVI Virtual Media Services on June 11, 2010
“My husband and I were at a dinner last weekend with a friend who wore head to toe ROAD apparel! He had just found the Bellevue store – and even his reading glasses and shoes were from there! He looked better than we had ever seen him before!!!” - Laura Vowles on April 22, 2010
“I LOVE my new clothes. At 58, it's nice to still be "hip!" I had a chance to go to the Valentines concert sponsored by ROAD. GREAT SHOW! Thanks ROAD for getting on board with these kinds of special events.” - Larry Sagen, Executive Director of FIRE 20/20 on March 28, 2010

The ROAD lifestyle brand is alive and evolving. We value our customer feedback as we consistently find new opportunities to better serve you.

If you have comments that you’d like to share with us, please email them to Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook!

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Pacific Denim by Charles Bowden Date Added: Sunday 12 December, 2010
Pacific Denim
These were my first of what I would call expensive, designer jeans. I took a leap of faith to believe "you get what you pay for," and I´m glad! I´ve been wearing these for over 6 months now, they´ve been washed dozens of times, and they are just getting better. Zero sign of wearing out. The bamboo f..

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